Fort Collins Real Estate Report

The forecast is bright for Fort Collins and most towns in Northern Colorado.  In Fort Collins, there is a 24% decrease in foreclosures from a year ago, a jump in building permits after 6-8 years of decline, the median sales price has risen from $215,000-$241,500 since February 2009, and Moody´s projects an annual appreciation rate of 4% over the next ten years.

When you are reading or watching the media about the housing market, remember that statistics and market conditions vary between towns, regions and states. Each town or city in Northern Colorado has its own unique culture, demographics, services, and schools which affect their housing markets.  A REALTOR® from Denver, Boulder, Philadelphia, or Timbuktu does not have the experience or sense of community to evaluate market conditions in Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, Windsor, Wellington or Timnath.

I have lived in Fort Collins, Colorado, since 1974 and have been a REALTOR® since 1976.  Having been through the ups and downs of the real estate market as a real estate agent, homeowner, investor and teacher, I can safely say that I am an expert in the field and I know about the Northern Colorado real estate markets!

Case in point.  I have a wonderful bungalow listed in Old Town Fort Collins (now under contract) in which an out-of-state relocation director is involved.  In marketing the home, I posted photos of concerts and activities in downtown (Old Town) Fort Collins.  The relocation director objected to the “party atmosphere” that the photos depicted.  The assumption was that Old Town is a college hangout.  Old Town and Colorado State University are in close proximity because CSU was founded in 1870 and Fort Collins was incorporated in 1873.  Homes built before 1930 are relatively scarce in our town because census records show that the population was only 11,489 that year. Those of us who live and work in Fort Collins know that the unique character and heartbeat is in Old Town with all of its cultural activities, restaurants, business centers and shopping.

I have studied content of all of the major housing websites that give crime statistics, walkability scores, school ratings, and house estimates.  They give information that is a benchmark for a location but they cannot fully identify or represent the actual address.  To continue with the misinformation about the neighborhood in which the bungalow sits, the walkability score is listed as 69/100.  To someone who does not live in this town, one would see this statistic and think that a car is necessary.  The fact is, this is a community that is designed for biking with 310+ miles of bike lanes and trails that meander throughout the city.  Living in Old Town Fort Collins means that one can bike anywhere and the car can stay in the garage.

My next blog will list the Top 10 Free Things To Do in Old Town Fort Collins.


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