Tuesday 10: Ten Favorite White Wines in My Cellar

I love California wines. My wife can agree because she organizes the wine cellar.

She doesn’t mind. We drink the white wine together.

Over the years we have wonderful memories of California trips to taste wines with great friends. Wines are known for the area in which grapes were grown. These appellations have distinctive characteristics that relate to their geography. Soil minerality, proximity to mountains or ocean, and climate are just a few of the elements that affect a grape’s taste. Here is a list of our favorite white wines:

1. Gloria FerrerSparkling – Carneros Appellation – “Experience the Glorious Life”. My wife loves sparkling wines and Gloria Ferrer produces the best array. http://www.gloriaferrer.com

2. Merry Edwards – Sauvignon Blanc – Sonoma County. Female winemaker, Merry Edwards, formerly of Matanzas Creek. A versatile wine that goes with endless food choices, from spicy to rich. http://www.merryedwards.com.

3. Chateau Montelena – Chardonnay – Napa Valley – Featured in the movie, Bottle Shock. Winery most famous for winning the blind taste-testing of white wine in the historic “Judgment of Paris” wine competition of 1976. Aromas of ripe peach, green apple, and honeydew.  Next a touch of vanilla, lavender and orange blossom, with an underlying note of star jasmine. http://www.montelena.com.

4. MacRostie – Sonoma Appellations – Chardonnay – A complex wine that balances bright fruit, mineral notes, and a clean, crisp finish. http://www.macrostiewinery.com.

5. Chateau St. Jean – Chardonnay – Sonoma County – Freshly baked apples, crème Brule and roasted nut character. http://www.chateaustjean.com.

6. Swanson – Pinot Grigio – Napa Valley Appellations – Bright, fresh pear and peach fruit mingle with litchi and Meyer lemon for a wonderful summer wine. http://www.swansonvineyards.com.

7. Rochioli – Sauvignon Blanc – Dryness, crisp acidity and tart green apple, lemongrass, cream and vanilla flavors. http://www.rochioliwinery.com.

8. Sojourn Cellars – Chardonnay – Sangiacomo Vineyards, Sonoma County – Distinctive aromas, layers of textures, and concentrated flavors gives the wine length and depth.http://www.sojourncellars.com.

9. Peter Michael – Serious Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc from Sonoma County – Their goal is to present a true reflection of the vineyard terroir in the glass by allowing the vineyard’s character to show through, not by winemaking contrivance. http://www.petermichaelwinery.com.

10. JaM Cellars – Chardonnay – One of our newest discoveries. Their name is JaM (John and Michelle). You can order Toast (sparkling), Butter (chardonnay) or Jam (red)! http://www.jamcellars.com.

What is your favorite white?


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