Tuesday 10: The NEW Avery Brewing

So, why am I excited about a Boulder brewing company with so many great breweries in Northern Colorado? My favorite middle daughter is a Money Wrangler at Avery!


Sunday night we attended Avery’s Soft Opening of their new taproom, restaurant, patio and brewhouse, 4910 Nautilus Ct. ( 63rd and Gunbarrel) in NE Boulder. It is worth the drive to see and experience Avery Brewing. As you enter, the sign says “Welcome to our New Digs!” Here are my top 10 WOWS!

1. Liliko’i Kepolo will now be canned year-round. My wife’s favorite beer.

2. Perzik Peach Saison is coming this summer—yummmm!

3. PARKING!! There is lots of parking!!

4. State of the Art EVERYTHING: German systems, Argelith Tile on parts of the brewing floor, Sleek Growler Filler, Advanced Lab with fulltime sensory analyst, CO2 Capture which basically converts soda ash waste into glass bottles…..

5. Avery will go from 50,000 barrels annually to more than 150,000 barrels.

6. The new chef has awesome credentials and the food was fantastic. Appetizers (Cheese & Charcuterie Board, Smothered Cheese Curds & Potatoes, Legs & Thighs), Entrees (Reuben, Cheeseburger, Prime Rib, Seitan, Catfish, Rabbit, Chicken or Salad), and Dessert (Rumpkin Bread Pudding, Cherry Cobbler with Salvation Ale, or Chocolate Fudge Brownie).

7. Taproom and Restaurant each have 30 beers on tap with lots of seating. The dining room is filled with custom tables and more relaxed while the Taproom has tall bistro tables and leads to the patio….this is the activity center.

8. Take a self-guided tour along the cat walk or sign up for a conducted tour.

9. Outdoor patio, views of the Front Range, space all around the new brewery. It is truly a destination location.

10. Avery’s imaginative brews are never-ending. As a wine-drinker, I can enjoy the best of both worlds: Clio: beer/grape hybrid made with Riesling juice, fermented with Champagne yeast and aged on medium toast French oak chips. 12% ABV.


What are your favorite Avery brews?


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