HomeThoughts: A Cape Cod in Colorado


Sunwater Way- 4,230 sq ft, 5 beds, 4 baths
What’s a Cape Cod doing in Fort Collins, Colorado? Enjoying the view. Every morning I watch the sun rise from my front porch. In the evenings, from my back deck, I enjoy the sunset over the Front Range as the sky paints Cobb Lake with pinks, greys, and other colors according to its mood. At all hours, I savor the quiet surroundings of my 16 acres. Occasionally a hawk swoops over or a horse whinnies for attention, but I always welcome those visits.

Sunwater FrontWhat makes me a Cape Cod? Not that I’m bragging or anything, but my architectural style has been around since the 1600’s. I’m considered a modern Cape Cod. They didn’t build garages in the 17th Century. Or add walkout basements. My roof is steep to keep heavy snow and rains off. I have dormers on my second level for extra space. Other features include decorative shutters, symmetrical appearance, and a gabled roof.

My lifestyle? Colorado outdoors, family comfort, and relaxing privacy. My people spend part of their time in the sitting room, looking over the lake and mountains. They enjoying cooking meals in the kitchen with cherry wood cabinets and entertaining in the formal dining room. On cold days, they curl up by the fireplace. They spend several hours asleep in the upstairs bedrooms, and several others in my four bathrooms, but I don’t mind. They fill my rooms with laughter, love, and kindness.

At this point, I’m searching for a new family. If you’re interested in becoming that family or just want to know more, click here.

– Sunwater


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