I went to college at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and one of our favorite drinks on a Big Red football day was Red Beer: beer and tomato juice. Little did I know back in 1970 that today it would be called a Beertail. Whatever you call the combination of beer and other mixers (Beermosa, Brewtinis, Beeritas and Beertails), mixologists all over the world are having fun with new recipes. My family has a few favorites.

A couple of summers ago I was asked to speak at a real estate event in Cabo, Mexico. Our good friend, Julie Kershner, is the manager of Los Cabos Sotheby’s International Realty and she was in charge of an AMPI/NAR Symposium (AMPI: Mexican Association of Real Estate Agents; NAR: National Association of REALTORS®). I spoke about the REALTOR® of the Future. My wife fell in love with a little restaurant in Cabo San Lucas and their Cheladas. Also known as Micheladas, this drink was made with a local cerveza (light beer) with lots of fresh lime juice, served in a tall frosted mug with a salted rim. If you order a Michelada at a bar, you might get a light beer with any combination of lime juice and assorted sauces, spices and/or tomato juice. However, all Micheladas/Cheladas should have a salted rim.

My favorite youngest daughter and my wife love to cook together and they like to split a glass of beer or hard cider while creating their culinary dishes. Sometimes they will make Beertails. Try combining Breckenridge Agave Wheat with Woodchuck Summer Cider (think fresh blueberries). Or, try Guinness Draught and root beer. Or, try Guinness Draught and ginger beer. Make sure you slowly pour the beer over a spoon into the glass or you will end up with a foamy mess. They love the fizziness (or in beer talk, the nitrogen/carbon dioxide or NITRO)!

I have mentioned in this blog that my favorite middle daughter works and breathes Avery Brewing in Boulder. I asked her for a favorite recipe or two. She said to combine Avery’s Chocolate Mint Stout with Peppermint Schnapps and Crème de Cocoa. Or, White Rascal combines with practically any juice (1/2 and 1/2) for a refreshing Beermosa. Some of her favorites are White Rascal and passion fruit, guava or mango.

My favorite oldest daughter worked in Australia for a year. Upon her return, she had us drinking Shandies (1/2 light beer and ½ Sprite) and Snake Bites (1/2 stout beer and ½ hard cider) Now in Austin, she likes to order a Beergaritas: a frozen margarita with a bottle of beer upside down in the margarita. I have seen them at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on Harmony, near my office.

What is your favorite Beertail? As for me, I still like a simple glass of white wine. Cheers.


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