Tuesday 10: Places to Relax With a Book in Fort Collins

Glossy cover, that new book smell, worlds and words ready to be explored…and then the dog starts barking, the phone rings, and your neighbor starts mowing their lawn, etc. Sometimes life interferes with a good book. Whether you like quiet or background noise, here are ten places to relax and rediscover that book:

1. The Gardens at Spring Creek
Distraction risk: Medium. Other people wandering through the gardens.
Advantages: A good place if you need to catch up on vitamin d and nature time.
A $2 donation is suggested when entering the Gardens, but not required. With the weather improving, it’s time to seek out a bench and enjoy birdsong and spring flowers while reading that book. http://www.fcgov.com/gardens/

2. Old Town Square
Distraction risk: High. Other shoppers, occasional music.
Advantages: Good if you concentrate best with a little activity around you. Excellent people watching.
The fountain, plenty of benches, and the occasional piano player means you will never be bored here. If you need a snack, Ben & Jerry’s or Little Bird Bakeshop are delicious options nearby.

3. Happy Lucky’s Teahouse
Distraction risk: Medium. Other patrons, but usually quiet.
Advantages: Lots of tea options, knowledgeable staff, and Old Firehouse bookstore next door for new book options.
Sipping on a cup of tea is a peaceful moment. Sipping on a cup of tea while reading a book is pure bliss. http://www.happyluckys.com/

4. Poudre River Libraries
Distraction risk: Low. Other patrons, but well, it’s a library and they usually keep things quiet.
Advantages: Library, lots of books, lots of free books you can borrow.
Poudre River Libraries are in several locations. All of them have tables, chairs, and a studious atmosphere. I enjoy going to the Council Tree location. If you get hungry there’s always Panera or Dazbog within a five minute walk. http://www.poudrelibraries.org/

5. Wild Boar Café
Distraction risk: Low. Other patrons, but you’ll find many of them studying.
Advantages: In an old house with several rooms. If your neighbor gets noisy, there are other options.
Located close to campus, this café offers delicious food from full meals to pastries and drinks including coffee and beer. Parking is off the alley in the back. http://www.wildboarcoffee.com/

6. Barnes and Noble
Distraction risk: Medium. Other patrons, some reading, others chatting with friends. Café tables are for customers only.
Advantages: Book store and coffee shop in one place.
My favorite youngest daughter contributed this option. She’s spent many hours sipping a latte while reading. We occasionally meet for “Barnes nights” to sip hot chocolate and flip through books or magazines. http://store-locator.barnesandnoble.com/store/2611

7. City Park
Distraction risk: Medium. Walkers, joggers, and kids playing nearby.
Advantages: Lake, several benches, and play structure to entertain the kids.
Our first home in Fort Collins was across the street and we have fond memories of those years in the 70’s. Any local park is a relaxing place to read a book. Plus, being outdoors is a proven instant mood boost. http://www.fcgov.com/parks/parks-established-dates.php

8. Sculpture Garden at Lincoln Center
Distraction risk: Depends on the time of the day. If there’s a show playing, high. If not, low.
Advantages: Beautiful artwork to occupy your mind if you happen to look up from your book. Outdoors.
Besides hosting performances indoors, the Lincoln Center has several lovely outdoor areas including a sculpture garden, terrace, and rooftop deck. http://www.fcgov.com/lctix/

9. Horsetooth Reservoir, looking over the water
Distraction risk: Low. Permit may be needed.
Advantages: With over 1,900 acres of public lands surrounding the reservoir, you can probably find a private spot.
Fishing, boating, camping, picnicking, swimming, rock climbing, scuba diving, and water skiing…allowed, but don’t try any of them while reading. http://www.co.larimer.co.us/parks/horsetooth.cfm

10. In the home office…bedroom…or home in general, door closed, with a dog at your feet. The distraction risk includes all that I mentioned in the first sentence, but there’s something peaceful about having your dog sleeping nearby.

What’s your favorite place to relax with a book?


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