Tuesday 10: Dine with Your Dog

Baci, our family standard poodle, is spoiled. Every holiday is about him (on Christmas we take more pictures of him than our daughters); he only eats his food soaked in hot water; and he sleeps in every morning. Ah, a dog’s life. He is completely and utterly worth it. None of these restaurants allow dogs inside. They have patios or in a couple of cases are just good picnic spots.

Here are 10 places to enjoy a meal with your dog by your side:

1. The Rainbow – 212 W Laurel St – By Baci’s estimation, the Rainbow has the best dog friendly porch. It has a separate gated entrance and plenty of shade. There are enough seats that if other people have brought their dogs, we can usually block them from his sight (he gets a little jumpy). Finally, the food is always delicious. http://www.rainbowfortcollins.com/

2. Wild Boar Cafe- 1510 S College Ave- Baci appreciates the large patio with a separate entrance because he doesn’t have to be separated from his “peeps.” The coffee shop serves an assortment of delicious beverages and food. If you’re particularly hungry, their breakfast burritos are huge. http://www.wildboarcoffee.com/

3. Front Range Village Shopping Center-2720 Council Tree Ave – With a small dog park and several nearby restaurants, it’s easy to grab coffee or lunch and watch Baci race around. Once he’s tired of running (never), we can take a break at one of the benches scattered throughout the shopping center. During the summer, they hold outdoor concerts. I can’t say if dogs are allowed, but humans are. http://www.shopfrontrangevillage.com/

4. Tasty Harmony – 130 S Mason St – After walking around downtown, Baci always appreciates a stop at their shaded patio to rest while we enjoy delicious vegetarian food. Their patio is small, but their large picnic bench is sturdy enough that when Baci attempts to go underneath, he doesn’t knock it over. Dogs like the strangest places. http://www.tastyharmony.com/

5. Spoons – 4609 S Timberline Rd #102A – Soup, salad, and bread make the perfect meal that’s just filling enough. This restaurant is a family favorite. The Timberline location has nice outdoor tables set up on the side of the building. Baci always volunteers to clean up any crumbs. http://espoons.com/

6. Chapunga Sculpture Park –Sky Pond Dr, Loveland – Pack up a picnic lunch and set out for a walk to enjoy the 82 African stone sculptures. The benches scattered throughout the park are an excellent place to enjoy the outdoors. Baci always likes it when we get gelato from nearby Paciugo because he gets to lick the cup. http://www.visitlovelandco.org/Pages/Directory.php?id=62&dir_cat_id=65

7. Starbucks- A special treat among my family is taking “Starbucks walks.” We take a nice long walk, order coffee, and find a convenient curb or bench to sit on. Baci goes crazy over their puppuccinos (whipped cream). We keep it as an occasional treat, but whenever he sees us with a coffee cup, he thinks we’re holding out on him. “Starbucks walks” can be applied to any favorite coffee shop as long as there’s a comfortable curb or bench nearby. http://www.starbucks.com/store-locator/search/location/Fort%20Collins%2C%20CO%2C%20USA

8. Snooze – 144 W Mountain Ave – Snooze always has a wait and is always worth the wait. They allow dogs on their front porch. It’s tight, but the pancakes are a hit among the entire group (including Baci). http://snoozeeatery.com/

9. The Waffle Lab – 200 N College Ave – Baci likes that when we eat here, half of us don’t need to go inside to order. He keeps an eye on us the entire time. The Waffle Lab is a food truck that serves, yes, waffles. They come in every variety from sweet dusted with chocolate to savory served with fried chicken and gravy on top. http://thewafflelab.com/

10. Zwei Brewing Co. –4612 S Mason St #120 – Baci enjoys relaxing with us on their dog friendly patio. He especially likes it when we get pretzals from Taps’ Food Truck parked nearby and he can beg for samples. He’s not really a beer guy. http://www.zweibruderbrewing.com/

Honorable mention: Kind Coffee – 470 E Elkhorn Ave – Estes Park – For a few hours away, we take Baci for a walk along the river and get coffee here. Always delicious. http://www.kindcoffee.com/

Where do you like to take your dog? IMG_20141219_122701482_HDR


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