Tuesday 10: Earth Day in Fort Collins

Happy 45th anniversary Earth Day…of course everyday is Earth Day. In our daily lives, my family has always practiced Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle. Our parents taught us “waste not, want not”. They suffered through the Great Depression as children and then served in and experienced the tribulations of World War II.

In the 90’s, my wife and I started attending REALTOR meetings in Washington DC. We often brought our daughters along to give them invaluable exposure to US history and varied cultures outside of the Fort Collins “Bubble.” DC loves celebrating Earth Day and my wife loves planning educational experiences so we always found them activities to broaden their understanding of taking care of Mother Earth. My favorite middle daughter, Kelley, even organized an Earth Club at her grade school.

Today, I am proud to say my family treats the earth well even with our fast-paced  adult lives. We recycle cans, bottles, newspapers, and other items. Instead of shoving unneeded plastic bags in the closet, we bring our own. My wife often composts ingredients when cooking up delicious ingredients and is truly talented at putting together a meal from odds and ends in the fridge. As she says, “Give back to the earth that which it has given to you.” True words.

Here are ten ways to embrace Earth Day (or everyday) in Fort Collins:

1. The Group Inc. Book Drive – Group Real Estate Offices –  4/1-4/30 – Collecting new and gently used books for children ages birth to eight years old. The Colorado Reading Corp will distribute the books to programs in Larimer County. http://www.thegroupinc.com/contact_us/

2. The Group Inc. Shredding Challenge- Group Real Estate Fort Collins Offices – April 20th-24th- Clean out your garage (or cabinets or basement or dog’s house) and bring in papers for shredding. Bins are available. Free. http://www.thegroupinc.com/contact_us/

3. Drive Electric Northern Colorado – Loveland Earth Day and Ride – April 25th 10AM-3PM – My wife and I both drive Toyota hybrids. Drive Electric NoCo is devoted to educating people about the value of electric cars. They host various events and test drives throughout the year. On Earth Day, they have 8 models available for test drive. http://driveelectricnoco.org/

4. National Bike to Work Week 2015 – May 11th-15th – Polish up (or dust off) your bike and ride to work. It’s great for your environment and your health. http://bikeleague.org/content/bike-month-dates-events-0

5. Fort Collins Board of Realtors Sustainability Committee – A great resource for sustainability and green efforts in the community. Recent topics posted on their website include Flood Insurance, Financing Energy Efficiency, and Winterization Tips. http://fcbr.org/Sustainability.

6. EcoBroker designation – For REALTORS® only. REALTORS® undergo training in environmental and energy education programs. www.ecobroker.com

7. Xeriscaping and planting local plants – Check out the Fort Collins Xeriscape Demonstration at 300 Laporte Ave for example. Conserve water by using plants in your garden that have been tested to perform well in our area. http://www.fcgov.com/utilities/residential/conserve/water-efficiency/xeriscape/demonstration-garden

8. City of Fort Collins Home Efficiency audit – Schedule a home efficiency audit to learn how you can improve your home.http://www.fcgov.com/utilities/residential/conserve/home-efficiency-program/

9. Fort Collins REcycling Center – 1702 Riverside Ave – Fort Collins – Recycle everything from boxes to books and CD’s at this center. Occasionally, free mulch is offered for individuals if they city forestry department has a surplus. http://www.fcgov.com/recycling/dropoff.php

10. Hageman’s Earth Cycle – 3501 E Prospect Rd – Fort Collins – Recycle your leaves, grass clippings, branches, and other yard waste at Hageman’s. There is a small cost of $5.50 per carload. http://www.hagemanearthcycle.com/.

What green efforts do you make?


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