Tuesday 10: Getting around Northern Colorado

Car rides are one of Baci’s favorite things (outside of walks, scratches, and popcorn). If he hears the word “go” he immediately runs to the door. If we open the door, even just to grab eggs from the other fridge, he darts into the garage and waits by the car door. With the prospect of lights, traffic, and other drivers, I don’t always share his excitement. Fortunately, depending on your needs, there are other options for getting around Northern Colorado:

1. Birney Car 21- Restored to its original 1919 condition, this trolley runs along Mountain Avenue from City Park to Old Town. The ride is around 30 minutes and won’t take you far, but it’s almost like travelling back in time. Runs Noon to 5PM on weekends and holidays through September. http://www.fortnet.org/trolley/welcome.html

2. Cycling– A personal favorite of mine. Fort Collins has great existing bike trails and is constantly adding on. The trails are paved and well maintained. http://www.fcgov.com/parks/pdf/trailmap2012.pdf. If you don’t have a bike or are just visiting, you can rent bikes from the Bike Library downtown. http://www.fcbikelibrary.org/index.php

3. MAX bus- Look for the green bus. The MAX system runs along the Mason corridor in its lane. The bus allows bikes and provides easy wheelchair access. It’s a great option for going downtown without needing to worry about parking, especially during the craziness of events. http://www.ridetransfort.com/max

4. Transfort bus service- Fort Collins’ main bus system has gone through restructuring in the last few years to increase its productivity. Currently there is regular service (every 30 min) on major streets. Recently they added a route that connects to Vine up north. On Friday and Saturday nights, they provide two late night routes from 10:30PM-2:30AM in the downtown area. http://www.ridetransfort.com/

5. FLEX bus- If you want a sampling of Northern Colorado cities, you can take the FLEX. The bus runs between Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, and Longmont. http://www.ridetransfort.com/flex

6. BUSTANG bus- Starting in July 2015, the Colorado Department of Transportation will offer service between Denver, Fort Collins, Loveland, and more. A trip from Fort Collins (Harmony and 1-25 Transfer Center) to Denver Union Station will cost $10. https://www.codot.gov/travel/bustang

7. COLT bus- Loveland’s main bus service. They offer fixed routes throughout Loveland. The bus service connects with FLEX as well to take people between Loveland, Fort Collins, and Longmont. http://www.ci.loveland.co.us/index.aspx?page=175

8. Shuttle to DIA- As a great alternative to worrying about parking or begging a friend for a ride to the airport, schedule a shuttle. Two options are available: Green Ride and Super Shuttle. http://www.greenrideco.com/ http://www.supershuttle.com/Locations/DENAirportShuttleFortCollins.aspx

9. Horse and Carriage- Only offered in downtown Fort Collins. The carriage rides are most popular around the holidays to see the lights, but they offer rides other times of the year as well. Recently they partnered with Haunted Fort Collins to create a Haunted Horse and Buggy Tour. The rides are a good way to sit back and truly enjoy the city. http://www.coloradocarriage.com/

10. Walking- The cheapest, healthiest, and easiest form of transportation. The Northern Colorado area offers many walking path options. A favorite of my family is the Spring Creek Trail (6.93 miles with several entrances and exits). http://www.fcgov.com/parks/trails.php

What’s your favorite form of transportation?


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