Tuesday 10: A Quick Then and Now-1970’s

When my wife and I moved from Nebraska in 1974, Colorado was a popular destination for Midwesterners looking for change. In many ways we still view ourselves as such. We even have Huskers decorations hiding in the basement (ok, Broncos come first, blue and orange!). A few years ago, Californians became the group moving to Fort Collins. Outside of fellow Coloradoans, they have provided the greatest population increase in recent years. The city has expanded since we first came here, but many of the same staples exist: the history, the good people, and the fond memories.

Here’s a quick comparison of Fort Collins, 2015, to Fort Collins in the 1970’s.’

1. Estimated Population in 2015: 158,600

2. Population in 1970: 43,337

3.Median Age in 2015: 29

4.The Lincoln Center opened in 1978, expanding the city’s arts offering. It has since been remodeled and is still a popular night out. My family recently went there for a symphony concert.

5. Median Household Income in 2015: $53,359

6. Malls were introduced to town in the 1970’s when the Foothills Fashion Mall, University Mall, and The Square were built. Both the Foothills Fashion Mall and The Square are around and undergoing renovations. The Square notably now has Trader Joes.

7. Education Level in 2015: 52.3% 4 or more years of college

8. CSU has always been a major part of Fort Collins. During the 1970’s, they experienced several anti-war protests against the Vietnam War.

9. Estimated Housing Units in 2015: 65,518

10. In response to rapid population growth during the 1970’s, a committee called “Designing Tomorrow Today” was started. They assisted in several projects including renovating the Avery house, federally subsidizing low income housing, and starting Transfort.

Sources: http://www.fcgov.com/planning/trends.php

What changes have you noticed in Fort Collins ?


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