Back to the Future is My Family…

“Hey, Doc, we better back up. We don’t have enough road to get up to 88 (miles per hour)”  – Marty McFly, Back to the Future II

“Roads, where we’re going we don’t need roads,” – Doc Brown, Back to Future II

Back to the Future is my family’s favorite movie trilogy. The first movie premiered in 1985, the same year that Old Town Square opened in Fort Collins. Although Old Town Square is now under renovation, businesses are still open and they are celebrating Back to the Future with trivia nights, specials, and movie showings.

I served as State President for the Colorado Association of REALTORS® in 1994 and the movie, Back to the Future, was my inspiration for the year in which I served. Back then, we would set a theme to identify our goal for the year and it would be revealed at our state convention with a theatrical flair.

As State President in 1994, the world of real estate was changing dramatically. There was no road map to identify how we would navigate the industry of the future. The way people bought and sold homes had entered a new era. During my year of presidency, we addressed electronic lockboxes on homes for sale to protect the homeowner and to track showings (prior to that, agents would obtain keys at the front desk of the listing company, can you imagine how time consuming that was?).

Who were real estate agents representing in transactions in 1994? In Colorado, we became a leader in tackling Buyer Agency, Seller Agency, Dual Agency and Transaction Brokers. REALTORS® needed to learn how to use computers and the internet was in its infancy. If you wanted to buy a home, you would look at an MLS book that published listings. The first mass-produced cell phone was introduced in 1994.  Most business was conducted face-to-face with the telephone as a secondary form of communication.  Networking with other REALTORS® was the foundation for serving your client. It was a time when you looked people in the eye and a handshake was a commitment.

So, in October, 1993, my family joined me at the state convention to kick off my theme, “Headed for the Future”. We borrowed a DeLorean from a local resident and it was sitting on a lift stage, below the vision of everyone at the banquet. The music began to play, (Neil Diamond singing “Headed for the Future”… “We’re headed for the future and the future is now”) My family and I got into the DeLorean and the winged doors closed. My 6-year-old freaked out….. she thought the car was actually going to fly! Instead, the lift stage rose up through simulated fog and once we were at stage height, the car doors opened and we all got out. I introduced my theme and spoke about all of the changes and challenges that I thought were on the horizon in the real estate industry.

You must watch Back to the Future II and the perception of how 2015 would look back in 1989. No spoilers in this blog (ok one, where are our flying cars?). And, theaters will be airing Back to the Future II on October 21, 2015, the day Marty and Doc went to the future.


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