Tuesday 10- Back to School is Ringing in Our Ears

Does it seem like the half the commercials are related to school shopping suddenly? My wife and I are past the days of picking out the perfect notebook, first day photos, and college moving jitters.

Still, after living in the area for 41 years, we have a long history with its schools. We originally moved to Fort Collins because I wanted to gain residency and apply to veterinary school (along the way, I decided on Real Estate instead). My wife worked in the school district for a time.

Here’s 10 connections and tidbits of Poudre School District and other Colorado Schools:

1. Barton Elementary- My wife worked was a media specialist here in the 70’s. No computers and movies were reel-to-reel! The school was named after Sue Barton. She originally served as principal of Rockwood School for 17 years.

2. Rivendell – Our two oldest daughters began their academics at Rivendell. We liked how the academic program was designed for students to progress at their own pace. The school started in 1976 and is named after a locale in J.R.R Tolkien’s books. http://www.rivendell-school.org/

3. O’Dea Elementary – All three of our daughters received an excellent education at O’Dea Elementary. The school opened in 1963 and is named after Miss O’Dea. She taught in Leadville schools for seventeen years and served as teach and principal in the Fort Collins Public Schools for thirty-one years. https://ode.psdschools.org/

4. Kruse Elementary- After moving across town, my youngest daughter finished her last few years of elementary school here. The school opened in 1992 and honors Ray Kruse who served as teacher, coach, athletic director, and principal. http://kruseelementary.weebly.com/

5. Boltz Junior High School- All three of our daughters attended Boltz. Just prior to opening for the 1972-1973 school term, a fire ravaged the facility. Determined crews rebuilt the school from the ashes up and the building opened in January 1973. The fire inspired the school to choose the phoenix as their mascot. https://bol.psdschools.org/

6. Fort Collins High School- Our oldest daughter attended all three years here and our youngest attended for one year. To celebrate the school, a “Lamb Day” was held in Fort Collins and involved the roasting of 200 lambs in a pit the full length of the city block. At that time, Fort Collins was one of the largest lamb fattening areas in America. Not a sight you’d see today. https://fch.psdschools.org/

7. Fossil Ridge High School- Our youngest daughter was part of the first graduating class in 2006. It was originally named Harmony School due to its location in what was once the town of Harmony, Colorado. The name was changed to Fossil Ridge in honor of the rich collection of fossils found in the Fossil Creek area. https://frh.psdschools.org/

8. Colorado State University – Originally called Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College, it was renamed CSU in 1957. Previously it was also known as Colorado State Agricultural College. We’ve always appreciated the life the university brings to Fort Collins. http://www.colostate.edu/

And leaving Fort Collins…

9. University of Colorado- Boulder – Both Boulder and Canon City competed for the site of CU. Of course Boulder won and Canon City was chosen as the home of the Colorado State Prison Instead. What a consolation prize! Our oldest daughter spent her first two years of college here before transferring to Colorado College. She wanted more academics less parties. http://www.colorado.edu/

10. University of Northern Colorado – Greeley – UNC was originally built to train qualified teachers for the state’s schools. Greeley citizens raised the money for the first building and in 1809, the cornerstone was laid. It went through a couple of name changes- Colorado State Teachers College and Colorado State College of Education- before settling on UNC. Our youngest daughter graduated from here. http://www.unco.edu/

My wife and I both graduated from the University of Nebraska. What schools did you and your family attend?


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