Tuesday 10: Preparing for Winter Before October

My wife and I have lived in Colorado for 41 years and mid-September can be the continuation of summer as it is in 2015 or of Indian Summer where we have frost or snow followed by warm days and cold or chilly nights. We are in the harvest season and soon the days will be shorter, sending us indoors to read a good book. In planning for the change of seasons, here my top ten projects to complete before October. #PreparingForWinter

1. Clean the garage.  Take a day and sort through all of the piles of yard care tools/materials, boxes, bags and cans.  Sweep, wash and eliminate cobwebs. Make sure the garage doors seal tightly to the floor to eliminate any critters that might want to seek warm in your box of rags. Make room for patio furniture.

2. Make a trip to the recycling centers
and deposit hazardous waste, old paint, cardboard, papers and bottles.

3. Divide perennial bulbs and give extras to neighbors, friends and landscape companies.

4. Inspect outdoor lighting for light bulbs that need to be changed.

5. Schedule sprinkler system winterization.

6. Schedule furnace check and check windows and door seals.

7. Eliminate all weeds in your gardens. Annual weeds will drop their seeds in the fall and start growing in the spring. By weeding now, you dramatically reduce weeds for next year.

8. Purchase your turf builder with weed control and take charge of next year’s lawn.

9. Trim trees away from roof and gutters. Leaf build-up can cause drainage problems when snow melts.

10. Call CSU Extension, http://www.ext.colostate.edu/menu_garden.html, and find out which trees, shrubs and flowers can be cut back in the autumn and which ones should wait until the spring.


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