Tuesday 10: Our Favorite Things About Living in Fort Collins

My wife and I love meeting new people when we travel. We will strike up a conversation and the first question is usually, “where are you from?”. When Colorado is mentioned, 99/100 people will say, “what a beautiful state!”. Normally, we respond, “the beauty is in the people that live in Colorado.”

That being said, here are my Tuesday Ten Favorite Things about this beautiful city we call home:

1. The people. We are a community of warm and generous residents. On a monthly basis, we “pass the hat” at The Group and raise up to several thousands of dollars for someone in need.

2. Colorado State University. My wife and I specifically moved to Fort Collins in 1974 because we love the atmosphere and diversity of a college town.

3. The weather. Having grown up in Nebraska, we love an area with four seasons. Trees and flowers reinvent themselves every spring after resting for the winter. Living in the “banana belt”, we often play golf year ’round.

4. Music. Our daughter lives in Austin, Live Music Capital of the World. In the last 5-8 years, Fort Collins has become a center of musical richness.

5. A great place to raise a family. Having raised three daughters in Fort Collins, I can attest to the amazing activities, sports and schools in our town. Often times Fort Collins is described as being a bubble in the real world. It is true that we live in an extremely safe, nurturing and caring community. Remember…Disneyland is modeled after Fort Collins!

6. Opportunities to grow. You can fill your calendar with all of the classes available to expand your horizons: art, music, dancing, language, gardening, financial planning, and more.

7. Nicknames. For years, Fort Collins was known as the Choice City. As our town and area has grown, we have numerous monikers that describe where we live: The Napa Valley of Beer (2015 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) medal winners in Northern Colorado: “WeldWerks Hefeweizen” WeldWerks in Greeley, “Fearless Youth” and “Snowdrop” Grimm Brothers in Loveland, “Oktoberfest” Fort Collins Brewery and “Friar Chuck” Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins); Fort Fun; The Fort; FoCo (FOrt COllins); and NoCo (NOrthern COlorado).

8. Festivals and Special Events. Pick a day…. any day… there is always something cool happening in Fort Collins.

9. Geography. Mountains, prairies, hills, valleys, lakes, and rivers are at our fingertips to enjoy the great outdoor lifestyle. The ONLY thing missing is an ocean. But heck, hop a plane in Denver and in 2-4 hours you can be on the west coast, east coast or Mexico.

10. Healthy Life. Clean air, organic food, recycling, exercise, mental and physical activates, community involvement…. these qualities are important to my family and a majority of the residents of Fort Collins. This is what makes our town so great!

Fort Collins was recently ranked within the top 15 cities for best places to live in Livability.com. Check it out here.

What is your favorite thing about Fort Collins?


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