Safety Rules for Realtors (and people in general)

REd book

Last year I took an idea to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) about publishing a “little manual” about proper behavior for Realtors®. The result was “The Little Blue Book: RULES to LIVE BY FOR REALTORS® “. It was released at the national convention in New Orleans and became an instant hit. This year, at the national convention in San Diego, a second in the three-part series will be released. “The Little Red Book SAFETY RULES to LIVE BY FOR REALTORS®. The rules not only apply to male and female Realtors, but the general public no matter what age or profession you are in.

From the book, here are my Top Ten picks for safety rules.

  1. Do not judge a person by their looks and how they dress. Anyone can pose a threat in the right situation.
  2. Always be mindful of your surroundings. Everyone has to be responsible for their own safety. It is not a sign of weakness or mistrust to always be on the alert.
  3. Social media is a great place to advertise who you are, your business and your interests. But, with this comes the risk from those who like to exploit others. There is a hyper transparency of a whole segment of today’s population.
  4. Never reveal on your social networking sites that you will be gone from your home for the evening or out of town on a trip.
  5. Vary your daily routine and make sure your life is not predictable.
  6. On your cell phone add ICE under contacts: In Case of Emergency. This is the number you want someone to call if you are incapacitated.
  7. The first time you are meeting a new client or contact, do so in a public situation.
  8. Always have your keys handy when you are approaching your car, home or office.
  9. Shred sensitive data before throwing it in the trash.
  10. When you get in your car, especially at night or in an isolated area, do not sit and text or make phone calls.

What is your top safety tip?


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