My Favorite 2015 Books

My Favorite 2015 Books

Every morning, I look forward to waking up early to read my current book club book. I brew a cup of coffee, turn on the light in the office, and settle in for an hour or so. My family knows (mostly) not to disturb me (although Baci, if he happens to wake up early, always charges into the room before settling down for an extra nap).

Here’s my favorite books of 2015, great for reading anytime of the year, morning, evening, or day:

Book Club1. Uncle Tom’s Cabin- A classic I never thought I would read. I enjoyed going outside of my normal genre with this one.

2. Orphan Train- A fascinating bit of historical fiction about the trains that carried orphans across the U.S. to new lives.

3. Shadows in the Vineyard- Teresa and Katherine picked this one up for me at an exhibit in Denver on poisons. A good book for wine-o’s.

4. The Boys in the Boat- An inspirational story about the 1936 Olympics and the boys from America who beat Adolf Hitler’s rowing team.

5. One Summer- This was my book to read over Thanksgiving week. Before this read, I never knew how many amazing things happened in the summer of 1927.

6. The Garden of Evening Mists- Another historical fiction, this time set among a Japanese garden in the 1950’s Malaya.

7. The Monuments Men- Read this book. Just read it. It’s a fascinating take on a piece of history I hadn’t previously heard about involving Nazi’s, art theft, and the team who set out to save thousands of years of culture.

8. A Higher Call- My favorite middle daughter gave me this book. A story about the incredible encounter between two WWII pilots, one a German ace and another flying a badly damaged American bomber.

9. Havana Nocturne- In the 1950’s, Cuba became the greatest hope for the future of American organized crime. Want to know more? Then add this book to you list.

What were your favorite books of 2015?




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