Bustang: Holiday Travel Stress-saver

Our favorite middle daughter, Kelley, took the Bustang last week from Denver to Fort Collins. She left from Union Station in Denver (a nice place to hang out by the way) and got off at the Harmony Station (conveniently located a 10 minute drive from us). She thoroughly enjoyed her experience. #bustang

Here are her 10 favorite things about using Bustang:

1. Super convenient with stops in downtown Fort Collins, Harmony Transit Center, 1-25/ Hwy 34, and two places in downtown Denver.

2. Spacious reclining seats with foot rests, arm rests, tray tables, and seat belts.

3. Affordable- $10 each way; multi-packs available to bring the per-ticket cost down.

4. Outlets at every seat. Great for charging your phone or laptop.

5. Good drivers who are friendly.

6. Clean- the buses seem newer than most regional buses in Colorado.

7. Every bus is equipped with a bathroom on board.

8. Sustainable- carpooling or taking public transit is always better for the environment.

9. The whole bus is WiFi enabled.


Bustang runs Monday-Friday. There are three routes: Denver-Fort Collins, Denver-Glenwood Springs, Denver-Colorado Springs. Give it a try if you’d like a break from driving. We certainly plan on it at some point.




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