2016 Word of the Year

Traditionally, at the start of a new calendar year one sets New Year’s Resolutions. My family has decided to ditch all of the resolutions and let one word define our direction for 2016. The word reflects our individual vision and focus. It can be a word for active or passive change. I have chosen the word APPRECIATE.  

Here are the top ten reasons I am looking forward to a word for the year instead of resolutions for the year:

1.       A word helps to create a singular direction.

2.       One word can be more powerful than a list.

3.       Brevity is relaxing.

4.       A word is long lasting throughout the year.

5.       A singular word is meditative not chaotic.

6.       You can doodle a word.

7.       A word is a personal journey.

8.       Social media is teaching us to be brief.

9.       Discovering the nuances of a word will be challenging.

10.   A word is easier to remember than a number of resolutions.

Which word will define your year?


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