Home Inspection Advice

Our daughter in Austin just purchased her first home and she had lots of questions about her inspection items. Even after your inspection resolution, during the final walk-through, make sure you check the home. Sometimes it is weeks after the resolution before the walk-through.

As a real estate expert (40 years in business), I have compiled a list of inspection items that you should not miss if you are buying a home. Home inspections often rely on that which is most visible. With my clients, I make sure there is a home warranty in place that helps to protect the buyer and seller for a year after closing, especially with appliances.

1. Go through the home inside and out and run the faucets, flush the toilets, and fill the bathtubs. Check inside the toilet tank to see if there is evidence of rusting bolts. A few years ago, we had an awful experience with a leaking toilet due to a corroded bolt.

2. If  it’s an older home, you may consider hiring someone for a camera inspection of all plumbing and sewers.

3. If the owner DIY upgraded the home, make sure the work is to code with all of the proper permits. Open drawers, doors and closets to see the “inside” of their work.

4. Check balconies and decks for cracks, rusted flashing, warping and soft areas for water damage.  There are horror stories of home buyers who purchased the beauty of outside decks and later found that the supports have rotted, costing tens of thousands of dollars to cure.

5. Open and close windows and screens to make sure of their functionality.

6. If you are the home buyer, make sure you know where the main water shut-off valve is located, what kind of filters for the furnace & how to change, how to work sprinkler systems plus any other pertinent information about the workings of the home.

7. Is the main electrical panel properly labeled?

8. Are smoke detectors and CO2 detectors properly installed and operating?

9. What is happening on the roof and in the attic? Make sure there are no critters living up there.

10. Make sure the ventilation and insulation is adequate. When we moved into our new home 20 years ago our bath pipes above the garage froze. The builders forgot to put insulation around the pipes.


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