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New Listing: Better than New in Loveland!

I have a new listing on Wisconsin Ave in Loveland. The home was only built in 2012. While there are still some new construction homes going up in the area, there are definitely some great advantages to this home that the owners have loved living in for the past four years:

  1. That tangible feeling of “Home” when you step through the front door. You can feel when the owners have enjoyed the home. Call it good energy or a sense of how a family lives in a home, but no matter the age, it makes a difference.Dining B
  2. Full landscaping and landscaping that’s had a chance to mature. When you first plant your garden, everything looks tiny. Give a few years and it all begins to fit (give it a few more years and it might start looking overgrown, but that depends on how much attention you pay your garden).Yard B
  3. Little perks the homeowner has already added. The home was built with the covered patio out back, but the owners added a nice sun shield that stays with the home. Patio D

Check out full listing details here.



Why Life is Better on the Lake

10 Reasons Life is Better on the Lake…

As told by our newest listing: Valley Oak Drive, Loveland, CO

1. You can spend your days out here…Back

2. Or here looking over Boyd Lake…

3. You don’t need to go indoors to enjoy a good meal with this outdoor kitchen…Deck-5

4. But if you really must go inside, you can cook in this kitchen…

5. You won’t mind working from home in this office (with mountain and lake views)…

6. You can relax and enjoy a night in while still watching the lake…GreatRoom-2

7. Your friends will never want to leave when you have a walkout basement like this…WetBar

8. And you might have trouble leaving bed in the morning from this Master Suite (with attached bath, huge closet with washer & dryer, and deck overlooking the lake)…

9. Continue to enjoy the sound of water from this bubbling fountain out front…

10. Take your boat and water skis out because you have this private and permanent dock…

Life is Better on the Lake. Check out full listing details here.

The Garage…that useful, extra storage, dream zone.

Lately I’ve had three possible listings come up, all with incredible garages. Our garage at home is packed with bikes hanging from the ceiling, a work area that hasn’t been organized for a decade, various bits and pieces, and yes…space for the cars. We couldn’t live without it.

Door Mat

Door Mat

If you don’t have a car or don’t need a garage, you can always repurpose it. Our first home on Mulberry has a garage that was repurposed as an art studio. Or you can turn it into a weekend shop with a weekend garage sale (or tag sale, yard sale, rummage sale, depending on how savy a bargain hunter you are).

And now for a bit of shameless promotion:

Coming Soon on Chippendale! 4 car garage with house included. 3 spots with extra space in front due to sloped roof. Oversized 4th space with storage shelves with room for a work space or oversized car.

Just listed on Huckleberry! 1,493 SF attached garage + 2,000 SF shop/ garage w/ office & bath + RV bay (insulated, heated, 200 amp). Comes with a fantastic home…although you could easily live in the garage. Check it out here.


For great ideas to reorganize your garage, check out Your Garagenous Zone, written by fellow REALTOR®, Bill West.


What’s in your dream garage?

Tuesday 10: Getting around Northern Colorado

Car rides are one of Baci’s favorite things (outside of walks, scratches, and popcorn). If he hears the word “go” he immediately runs to the door. If we open the door, even just to grab eggs from the other fridge, he darts into the garage and waits by the car door. With the prospect of lights, traffic, and other drivers, I don’t always share his excitement. Fortunately, depending on your needs, there are other options for getting around Northern Colorado:

1. Birney Car 21- Restored to its original 1919 condition, this trolley runs along Mountain Avenue from City Park to Old Town. The ride is around 30 minutes and won’t take you far, but it’s almost like travelling back in time. Runs Noon to 5PM on weekends and holidays through September.

2. Cycling– A personal favorite of mine. Fort Collins has great existing bike trails and is constantly adding on. The trails are paved and well maintained. If you don’t have a bike or are just visiting, you can rent bikes from the Bike Library downtown.

3. MAX bus- Look for the green bus. The MAX system runs along the Mason corridor in its lane. The bus allows bikes and provides easy wheelchair access. It’s a great option for going downtown without needing to worry about parking, especially during the craziness of events.

4. Transfort bus service- Fort Collins’ main bus system has gone through restructuring in the last few years to increase its productivity. Currently there is regular service (every 30 min) on major streets. Recently they added a route that connects to Vine up north. On Friday and Saturday nights, they provide two late night routes from 10:30PM-2:30AM in the downtown area.

5. FLEX bus- If you want a sampling of Northern Colorado cities, you can take the FLEX. The bus runs between Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, and Longmont.

6. BUSTANG bus- Starting in July 2015, the Colorado Department of Transportation will offer service between Denver, Fort Collins, Loveland, and more. A trip from Fort Collins (Harmony and 1-25 Transfer Center) to Denver Union Station will cost $10.

7. COLT bus- Loveland’s main bus service. They offer fixed routes throughout Loveland. The bus service connects with FLEX as well to take people between Loveland, Fort Collins, and Longmont.

8. Shuttle to DIA- As a great alternative to worrying about parking or begging a friend for a ride to the airport, schedule a shuttle. Two options are available: Green Ride and Super Shuttle.

9. Horse and Carriage- Only offered in downtown Fort Collins. The carriage rides are most popular around the holidays to see the lights, but they offer rides other times of the year as well. Recently they partnered with Haunted Fort Collins to create a Haunted Horse and Buggy Tour. The rides are a good way to sit back and truly enjoy the city.

10. Walking- The cheapest, healthiest, and easiest form of transportation. The Northern Colorado area offers many walking path options. A favorite of my family is the Spring Creek Trail (6.93 miles with several entrances and exits).

What’s your favorite form of transportation?

Tuesday 10: Dine with Your Dog

Baci, our family standard poodle, is spoiled. Every holiday is about him (on Christmas we take more pictures of him than our daughters); he only eats his food soaked in hot water; and he sleeps in every morning. Ah, a dog’s life. He is completely and utterly worth it. None of these restaurants allow dogs inside. They have patios or in a couple of cases are just good picnic spots.

Here are 10 places to enjoy a meal with your dog by your side:

1. The Rainbow – 212 W Laurel St – By Baci’s estimation, the Rainbow has the best dog friendly porch. It has a separate gated entrance and plenty of shade. There are enough seats that if other people have brought their dogs, we can usually block them from his sight (he gets a little jumpy). Finally, the food is always delicious.

2. Wild Boar Cafe- 1510 S College Ave- Baci appreciates the large patio with a separate entrance because he doesn’t have to be separated from his “peeps.” The coffee shop serves an assortment of delicious beverages and food. If you’re particularly hungry, their breakfast burritos are huge.

3. Front Range Village Shopping Center-2720 Council Tree Ave – With a small dog park and several nearby restaurants, it’s easy to grab coffee or lunch and watch Baci race around. Once he’s tired of running (never), we can take a break at one of the benches scattered throughout the shopping center. During the summer, they hold outdoor concerts. I can’t say if dogs are allowed, but humans are.

4. Tasty Harmony – 130 S Mason St – After walking around downtown, Baci always appreciates a stop at their shaded patio to rest while we enjoy delicious vegetarian food. Their patio is small, but their large picnic bench is sturdy enough that when Baci attempts to go underneath, he doesn’t knock it over. Dogs like the strangest places.

5. Spoons – 4609 S Timberline Rd #102A – Soup, salad, and bread make the perfect meal that’s just filling enough. This restaurant is a family favorite. The Timberline location has nice outdoor tables set up on the side of the building. Baci always volunteers to clean up any crumbs.

6. Chapunga Sculpture Park –Sky Pond Dr, Loveland – Pack up a picnic lunch and set out for a walk to enjoy the 82 African stone sculptures. The benches scattered throughout the park are an excellent place to enjoy the outdoors. Baci always likes it when we get gelato from nearby Paciugo because he gets to lick the cup.

7. Starbucks- A special treat among my family is taking “Starbucks walks.” We take a nice long walk, order coffee, and find a convenient curb or bench to sit on. Baci goes crazy over their puppuccinos (whipped cream). We keep it as an occasional treat, but whenever he sees us with a coffee cup, he thinks we’re holding out on him. “Starbucks walks” can be applied to any favorite coffee shop as long as there’s a comfortable curb or bench nearby.

8. Snooze – 144 W Mountain Ave – Snooze always has a wait and is always worth the wait. They allow dogs on their front porch. It’s tight, but the pancakes are a hit among the entire group (including Baci).

9. The Waffle Lab – 200 N College Ave – Baci likes that when we eat here, half of us don’t need to go inside to order. He keeps an eye on us the entire time. The Waffle Lab is a food truck that serves, yes, waffles. They come in every variety from sweet dusted with chocolate to savory served with fried chicken and gravy on top.

10. Zwei Brewing Co. –4612 S Mason St #120 – Baci enjoys relaxing with us on their dog friendly patio. He especially likes it when we get pretzals from Taps’ Food Truck parked nearby and he can beg for samples. He’s not really a beer guy.

Honorable mention: Kind Coffee – 470 E Elkhorn Ave – Estes Park – For a few hours away, we take Baci for a walk along the river and get coffee here. Always delicious.

Where do you like to take your dog? IMG_20141219_122701482_HDR

Tuesday 10: April Happenings in Northern Colorado

Spring Break is over in Fort Collins, summer is a few months away, and the kids (and parents) are starting to get restless. You have two options: 1) Run around the house screaming or 2) Check out events around town. Personally, I’d choose option # 2. If only for your neighbors’ sanity.

Here are 10 happenings around Fort Collins:

1. Colorado Business Reads Book Drive – April 1st-27th The Group Real Estate offices– Do your books need a new home? Drop them off at any of the Group offices until April 27th. The books will be picked up by a Colorado Reading Corps member and distributed to families, schools, and programs in Larimer County. Last year, the book drive collected and distributed 1,500 books. This year, they plan on doubling on the number.

2. Easter Egg Hunts…everywhere! – April 4th Optimist Easter Egg Hunt 10AM, Windsor Main Park, Free. Intergenerational Easter Egg Hunt, April 2nd, Rigden Farm Senior Living.

3. Fort Collins Museum of Arts Masks – April 3rd-May 1stNearly 200 artists create unique art pieces out of ceramic masks. You will be amazed with the variety in the collection. Several of the masks are available for purchase via silent auction. The museum is discounted the evening of First Friday (April 3rd).

4. Lunar Eclipse Viewing – 3:30AM- 5:30AM – Fossil Creek Reservoir Natural Area- Carpenter Rd – The perfect event for extreme night owls or extreme morning birds! Telescopes will be set up to view a partial lunar eclipse. Make sure to dress warm.

5. Classic Movie Night – April 6th – Loveland Public Library – 300 N Adams Ave. Every 4th Monday. The April movie theme is Hitchcock.

6. Ram Jam – April 8th – 5:30PM-7:30PM – Moby Arena – Free admission. Focused on kids eight grade and younger. CSU’s largest athletic outreach event. Includes games, contests, autographs, and opportunities to meet CSU athletes. Free snacks are offered. If you want to test your basketball skills, there’s a slam dunk competition against men’s and women’s basketball players. The Group is one of the sponsors.

7. Circus Days at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum – April 10th-11th – 11AM-4PM – Greeley – For fans of both the circus and railroads! The museum is displaying circus themed trains and offering fun activities.

8. The Taste- April 16th– 6PM-9PM- Hilton Fort Collins- With over 30 restaurants and over 20 libations to choose from, this event is a samplers dream. 100% of the proceeds go to the Food Bank of Larimer County.

9. Jazz & Jeans – April 26th – 4PM-6PM- Hilton Fort Collins – Featuring the Queen City Jazz Band. Proceeds support the Fort Collins Symphony. This fun event for all ages includes light food and drinks, a cash bar, and dancing.

10. FoCoMX7 – April 24th-25thA weekend devoted to the Northern Colorado Music Scene. With 2 nights, over 20 venues, and over 200 bands, this is not a weekend for silence.

What things are you looking forward to most about April?

Fort Collins Real Estate Report

The forecast is bright for Fort Collins and most towns in Northern Colorado.  In Fort Collins, there is a 24% decrease in foreclosures from a year ago, a jump in building permits after 6-8 years of decline, the median sales price has risen from $215,000-$241,500 since February 2009, and Moody´s projects an annual appreciation rate of 4% over the next ten years.

When you are reading or watching the media about the housing market, remember that statistics and market conditions vary between towns, regions and states. Each town or city in Northern Colorado has its own unique culture, demographics, services, and schools which affect their housing markets.  A REALTOR® from Denver, Boulder, Philadelphia, or Timbuktu does not have the experience or sense of community to evaluate market conditions in Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, Windsor, Wellington or Timnath.

I have lived in Fort Collins, Colorado, since 1974 and have been a REALTOR® since 1976.  Having been through the ups and downs of the real estate market as a real estate agent, homeowner, investor and teacher, I can safely say that I am an expert in the field and I know about the Northern Colorado real estate markets!

Case in point.  I have a wonderful bungalow listed in Old Town Fort Collins (now under contract) in which an out-of-state relocation director is involved.  In marketing the home, I posted photos of concerts and activities in downtown (Old Town) Fort Collins.  The relocation director objected to the “party atmosphere” that the photos depicted.  The assumption was that Old Town is a college hangout.  Old Town and Colorado State University are in close proximity because CSU was founded in 1870 and Fort Collins was incorporated in 1873.  Homes built before 1930 are relatively scarce in our town because census records show that the population was only 11,489 that year. Those of us who live and work in Fort Collins know that the unique character and heartbeat is in Old Town with all of its cultural activities, restaurants, business centers and shopping.

I have studied content of all of the major housing websites that give crime statistics, walkability scores, school ratings, and house estimates.  They give information that is a benchmark for a location but they cannot fully identify or represent the actual address.  To continue with the misinformation about the neighborhood in which the bungalow sits, the walkability score is listed as 69/100.  To someone who does not live in this town, one would see this statistic and think that a car is necessary.  The fact is, this is a community that is designed for biking with 310+ miles of bike lanes and trails that meander throughout the city.  Living in Old Town Fort Collins means that one can bike anywhere and the car can stay in the garage.

My next blog will list the Top 10 Free Things To Do in Old Town Fort Collins.